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What people are saying about the Playbook

Who needs to read this book?

This book is written for those people that:

  • Struggle to make confident decisions.

  • Want to optimize their life and live with more direction and purpose.

  • Need to increase their discipline and take more focused action toward their goals.

  • Are looking to define big life goals and develop the bulletproof habits needed to accomplish them.

If you are are ready to take the reigns and lead yourself, download this book and see what I am offering you.

The tactics I share are powerful and, if implemented, will have big impacts on what you can accomplish.

What is self-leadership? Why is it important?

On the surface, self-leadership may seem self-explanatory - it is simply the practice of leading yourself.

But what does it take to do it well?

It takes deciding to become your own strategist, your own tactician, and your own foot soldier.

It takes accepting responsibility for plotting your course, creating your plan, and executing your work.

It requires you to take on risk and accept complete ownership for your life.

It's a lot to keep up with.

However, there is incredible opportunity that exists when you decide to take full ownership of your life and lead yourself.

It is the ultimate way to live.

What's different about this book?

This book does not regurgitate the same played-out advice that runs rampant in the self-development spaces.

You will not find a cliché "find your why" or "hold yourself accountable" in these pages.

These are unique tactics that I have developed through my construction management career and while coaching my clients toward being strong self-leaders.

I guarantee there is at least one idea in this book that you have not yet considered about self-leadership; even if you have read all of the books that exist in this space.

My clients regularly tell me that they have not seen concepts explained like this before.

I'm giving them away to you because I want to see everyone strengthen their self-leadership skills and live fulfilling lives.

Why should you listen to anything I say?

Well, here's the thing - I know these tactics work because I use them myself.

I mentioned earlier that I used to work in construction management.

I implemented these tactics to get promoted, earn raises, and create opportunities for myself.

I also used these tactics to lead myself out of a 7 year construction career when it no longer fit my vision.

I am using these same tactics as I build my business.

I teach other people these tactics and help them take more action toward big goals they set for themselves.

With strong self-leadership, you can do whatever you want.

Everyone's path through life looks different; but self-leadership techniques are universal.

And I am sharing my favorite 9 tactics with you in this free book.

Here you go...

If you want to take initiative in your life, achieve big goals, and live with purpose...

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